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Super Mind Evolution System Kit 1

To learn more about quantum physics, consciousness and the science of reality creation click the button to the right. You'll also discover how Jim Francis took the research further with life changing consequences...

See also: law of attraction, super mind academy, super mind, dream programming, alpha programming, mental pendulum

Download Super Mind Evolution System Kit 1 (Size: 55 KB)

Tower of Hanoi 1.1.0

The object of this game is to move all the rings from the first column to the third column. The rings should be moved one by one and a ring cannot be placed on top of a smaller ring. This game tests your organizational ability to see if you can systematically move the rings.

See also: tower of hanoi, mind games, puzzle games

Download Tower of Hanoi 1.1.0 (Size: 337 KB)

Brainstorm Lite 1.0

Brainstorm Lite is a very unusual brainstorming application that forces you to follow some core brainstorming rules. The software prohibits a user from entering new ideas after session time is up and prevents from deleting or even editing any ideas while session is in process. These simple restrictions inspire creativity and produce better ideas. Also, Brainstorm Lite is compatible with most of mind mapping, outlining and text editing software.

See also: brainstorm, brainstorming, mind, mind mapping, thinking

Download Brainstorm Lite 1.0 (Size: 579 KB)

YUVsoft Super Resolution Demo 1.35

High quality video upscaling using a unique fast super resolution technology. Information from several video frames is used to greatly enhance quality of a high resolution image. Several presets with different speed-quality trade-off are available. The best results are obtained when upscaling video 2 times. The demo can process AVI files of 704x576 resolution or below, making it possible to evaluate quality of SD to HD content conversion.

See also: video, super resolution, resampling, upscaling, quality improvement

Download YUVsoft Super Resolution Demo 1.35 (Size: 233 KB)

Mega Mario - a free mario game 1.5

Super Mario Brothers : Mega Mario is a super mario brothers 1 remake. Mega mario is a free mario game remake. Play with your favorite plumber luigi and go on many great adventures with this fun super mario brothers remake. Mega mario has meny great features and levels you would expect to find in a classic super mario brothers game and also has many levels for hours and hours of fun. Mega mario weill keep you entertained for hours!

See also: mario forever, mario, super mario, super mario brothers

Download Mega Mario - a free mario game 1.5 (Size: 3576 KB)

Mind Power Special Report 1.0

Mind Power Special Report HTML for Internet Explorer. Discover the truth about the power of your subconscious mind with the Mind Power Special Report HTML for Internet Explorer. Learn how to use your mind power to achieve success.

See also: mind power, mind-power, positive thinking, law of attraction, HTML, ie HTML, internet explorer, HTML

Download Mind Power Special Report 1.0 (Size: 2234 KB)

Memoriad Competition Simulator 1.0

Prepare and exercise for Memory Olympiads (Memoriad), World Memory Championships, Mental Calculation World Cups and Photographic Speed Reading Contests. Learn to memorize thousands of numbers, playing cards, and learn to remember names and faces; Use your brain as human calculator (mental calendars, mental additions, mental multiplications and mental square roots, etc.); Learn photographic speed reading techniques.

See also: Brain, memory, addition, multiplication, calendar, square, root, names, faces, playing, cards, numbers, memoriad, world, championship, mental, calculation, cup, memoriad, photographic, speed, reading, binary, numbers, memorization, memorizer, mind, power

Download Memoriad Competition Simulator 1.0 (Size: 3796 KB)

Super Mario Flayer 2.01.exe

SUPER MARIO FLAYER! Mario returns to his homeland the clouds kingdom! Now his home is under attack of evil Bowser you should help him and fight against evil minions to save princess. Nice game for younger players and older.

See also: Rockman, Sonic, Mario bros, Metroid like game, dragon ball, pokemon, castlevania, contra, classic mario bros, mario brothers, super mario brothers, mario forever, cool game, platform game, super frog, superfrog

Download Super Mario Flayer 2.01.exe (Size: 11264 KB)

Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever 4.15

Super Mario Forever is really a classic Mario remake. Once again you strap on your wrench and hardhat and guide the chubby plumber through many skillfully made levels. The diversity of the levels is very impressive. You will have to get through levels ranging from underwater caverns to levels filled with hot lava.

See also: Super Mario Forever, Mario Bros, Best mario bros, sonic, platform game, dragon ball platform game, classic platform game, bros, mario war, mario brawl, mario galaxy, mario sunshine, mario papper, mario brothers, luigi, toad, koppa

Download Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever 4.15 (Size: 20690 KB)

Arcade Sniper 1.0

You can become the brave X-wing Sniper today! Destroy evil swarms, which will try to anihilate planet Earth. Face pernicious Boss commanding a huge spaceship - Obliterator. Numerous bonuses to gain, affixable guns to your spaceship in option (from rockets to miniguns). Dare this challenge and save the world!

See also: Super Mario Forever Flash, Mario Bros, Best mario bros, Galaxy, platform game, dragon ball platform game, classic platform game, bros, mario war, mario brawl, mario galaxy, mario sunshine, mario papper, mario brothers, toad, Bowser

Download Arcade Sniper 1.0 (Size: 24301 KB)

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