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Super Mind Evolution System Kit 1

To learn more about quantum physics, consciousness and the science of reality creation click the button to the right. You'll also discover how Jim Francis took the research further with life changing consequences...

See also: law of attraction, super mind academy, super mind, dream programming, alpha programming, mental pendulum

Download Super Mind Evolution System Kit 1 (Size: 55 KB)

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap 2005e

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap can be used to draw knowledge maps, organizational charts, decision trees and work breakdown structures, taking down your ideas when brainstorming, or generating structure diagrams from XML files. Knowledge maps can be published on the Web or your intranet, can be added to WinWord, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and can be printed in almost any size you choose.

See also: Mind, Mapping, Work, Breakdown, Structures, Knowledge, Managment, Decision, Trees, Brainstorming

Download InfoRapid KnowledgeMap 2005e (Size: 5228 KB)

Mastro Mente 1.2

A small clone of Master Mind. Discover the right color sequence in less tryouts as possible. 8 different colors available. A game by Bottomap Software. NB: DirectX9.0+ required.

See also: master mind, bottomap, botomazia, cinfa, roccio, mandingo, clone, puzzle

Download Mastro Mente 1.2 (Size: 516 KB)

Super Switch 1.0

The goal of the game is to swap adjacent objects to make a set of 3 or more. Click on an object to highlight it and then click on a second object that you want to swap. Swaps can only be made horizontally and vertically. When a combination of 3 or more is achieved they are removed from the board and more objects fall down to replace them. Making larger matches of 4 or 5 will give you extra points as well as destroying surrounding objects.

See also: super switch, action, arcade, puzzle, game, online game, web game, arcade game, puzzle game, ikoncity, playable, computer

Download Super Switch 1.0 (Size: 1792 KB)

Zenwaw Puzzle 1.00

Amazing Puzzle Game , the big deal is tu put squares in the right order , a simple way to tickle your mind and enjoy your time . Cool and nice design, it's free and simple , don't wait , start now and download it.

See also: game, puzzle, nice, amazing, super

Download Zenwaw Puzzle 1.00 (Size: 2041 KB)

Bridge Crossing 1.1.0

In this game you help the people cross the bridge. A lamp must be carried when crossing the bridge and it can only last for 30 minutes. The bridge can only take 2 persons at the same time and each person walks at different speeds. So you need to plan the combinations of the persons crossing the bridge carefully.

See also: bridge crossing, family crisis, bridge, lantern, puzzle games, logic games, mind games

Download Bridge Crossing 1.1.0 (Size: 336 KB)

Greedy Knight 1.1.0

In this game you move the knight to collect all the coins and then move back to the starting position. The knight must move as in the game of chess and each block can only be visited once because it will fall. You must get back to the starting position otherwise you'll fall with the blocks!

See also: greedy knight, knight, chess, puzzle games, logic games, mind games

Download Greedy Knight 1.1.0 (Size: 339 KB)

Mario Forever Galaxy 1.8

Welcome to the continuation of famous Mario Forever. After what happened in first part many things changed. Evil bowser rebuilt his army and kidnapped princess to another planet. This time Mario is not alone. He is helped by his friend Lugi, inhabitant of muschroom kingdom named kinopio, and even samus aran known from metroid series. Select your favorite character with unique skills, upgrade your ship in million ways in a shop, where 60 different

See also: Super Mario Forever, Mario Bros, Best mario bros, Galaxy, platform game, dragon ball platform game, classic platform game, bros, mario war, mario brawl, mario galaxy, mario sunshine, mario papper, mario brothers, luigi, toad, koppa

Download Mario Forever Galaxy 1.8 (Size: 30198 KB)

Super Mario Castle Buster 2.01.exe

Mario struck in bowser's castle. You must find out how to help him. Accomplish many difficult evil castles created by evil Bowser, show him who is the best. Colorful levels filled with enemies and bonuses is awaiting for you.

See also: Rockman, Sonic, Mario bros, Metroid like game, dragon ball, pokemon, ice, metal gear, diablo 2, platform game, super frog, metroid, galaxy

Download Super Mario Castle Buster 2.01.exe (Size: 7895 KB)

free mario games 1.0

Currently considered the best free mario game around, with cool graphics and enemies. Play for a few minutes to see why. Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump and X to fire. press Z to select "new game" in the menu. Free mario games are all the rage in the flash scene these days, and this game is an update to the old classic super mario game.

See also: free mario games, mario games, super mario games, super mario online, online mario games, super mario bros, online mario games

Download free mario games 1.0 (Size: 3980 KB)

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