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Super Hypnosis V1.0

Free self hypnosis training for weight control, quitting smoking, self confidence!

See also: Hypnosis, super hypnosis, Autism Hypnosis, Basic Hypnotism, hypnotic

Download Super Hypnosis V1.0 (Size: 636 KB)

SubliminalEzy Light 10000.1

You have the power to do whatever you can imagine and i'll prove it to you with the our FREE SubliminalEzy program. SubliminalEzy uses the same power of subliminals that scientists have known about for years. The mind responds to subconscious signals that you don't notice. So now you can easily and effortlessly improve you prosperity, health or relationships. All you need is SubliminalEzy running on your PC. Choose from 70 prewritten categories.

See also: affirmations, goal setting, hypnosis, mind control, personal growth, self esteem, message subliminal, alternative health, mind power, self help, relationships, mind power, money, hypnosis self, motivation, success, health, relationships, prosperity, wealth, goals, mind

Download SubliminalEzy Light 10000.1 (Size: 897 KB)

YUVsoft Super Resolution Demo 1.35

High quality video upscaling using a unique fast super resolution technology. Information from several video frames is used to greatly enhance quality of a high resolution image. Several presets with different speed-quality trade-off are available. The best results are obtained when upscaling video 2 times. The demo can process AVI files of 704x576 resolution or below, making it possible to evaluate quality of SD to HD content conversion.

See also: video, super resolution, resampling, upscaling, quality improvement

Download YUVsoft Super Resolution Demo 1.35 (Size: 233 KB)

Mega Mario - a free mario game 1.5

Super Mario Brothers : Mega Mario is a super mario brothers 1 remake. Mega mario is a free mario game remake. Play with your favorite plumber luigi and go on many great adventures with this fun super mario brothers remake. Mega mario has meny great features and levels you would expect to find in a classic super mario brothers game and also has many levels for hours and hours of fun. Mega mario weill keep you entertained for hours!

See also: mario forever, mario, super mario, super mario brothers

Download Mega Mario - a free mario game 1.5 (Size: 3576 KB)

Super Mario Star 2.01.exe

Welcome in world where stars are shinning so brightly! Now our Super Mario Brother must find way out how to collect all wondrous magical stars which are needed to fill the sky with them. You should be careful because minions of Bowser will disturb in your adventure.

See also: Rockman, Sonic, Mario bros, Metroid like game, dragon ball, pokemon, ice, metal gear, diablo 2, platform game, super frog, metroid, galaxy

Download Super Mario Star 2.01.exe (Size: 7895 KB)

Super Mario Flayer 2.01.exe

SUPER MARIO FLAYER! Mario returns to his homeland the clouds kingdom! Now his home is under attack of evil Bowser you should help him and fight against evil minions to save princess. Nice game for younger players and older.

See also: Rockman, Sonic, Mario bros, Metroid like game, dragon ball, pokemon, castlevania, contra, classic mario bros, mario brothers, super mario brothers, mario forever, cool game, platform game, super frog, superfrog

Download Super Mario Flayer 2.01.exe (Size: 11264 KB)

Super MP3 Download

Super MP3 Download is easy-to-use software which enables you to download over 100 million MP3 from the largest download network for free and unlimitedly listen to music online before you download them. It also recommends you the Billboard Hot 100 every week and lists the hottest songs of 14 categories. You can do advanced search by artist, title, album, and edition and can even choose specific edition of live, piano, guitar, cover etc. to search.

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Download Super MP3 Download (Size: 3819 KB)

Arcade Sniper 1.0

You can become the brave X-wing Sniper today! Destroy evil swarms, which will try to anihilate planet Earth. Face pernicious Boss commanding a huge spaceship - Obliterator. Numerous bonuses to gain, affixable guns to your spaceship in option (from rockets to miniguns). Dare this challenge and save the world!

See also: Super Mario Forever Flash, Mario Bros, Best mario bros, Galaxy, platform game, dragon ball platform game, classic platform game, bros, mario war, mario brawl, mario galaxy, mario sunshine, mario papper, mario brothers, toad, Bowser

Download Arcade Sniper 1.0 (Size: 24301 KB)

Hemi-Sync Hypnosis Tussle With Insomnia 1.11

Hemi-Sync Hypnosis Tussle With Insomnia. Obtain instant freedom from physical, mental and emotional tensions. Use to counteract anger or frustration. Interaura hypnosis programs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states, by combining video sequence and audio effects with the binaural beats and subconscious affirmations. Our specialists can create a Personal Hypnosis Program for you.

See also: Hemi-Sync, Tussle With Insomnia, Personal Hypnosis Program, hypnosis program, hypnosis, hypnosis download, hypnosis video, hypnosis techniques, hypnotherapy, autohypnosis, interaura

Download Hemi-Sync Hypnosis Tussle With Insomnia 1.11 (Size: 88465 KB)

Learn hypnosis online 1.0

The undercover hypnotist stealth hypnosis program for windows operating systems. Get the power you want in life. Get ALL YOUR HYPNOSIS QUESTIONS ANSWERED

See also: Learn hypnosis Online, conversational hypnosis, ebook, information

Download Learn hypnosis online 1.0 (Size: 508 KB)

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