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mueller-dict 3.0

An electronic version of popular English-Russian dictionary by professor V. K. Mueller in format suitable for use with dictd server. Current version contains more than 50000 articles and represents a full copy of the 7-th edition of mentioned dictionary, with some additions and corrections sourced from the more recent typographical editions.

See also: English, Russian, dictionary, Mueller, phonetic, transcription, dict, dictd, database

Download mueller-dict 3.0 (Size: 3618 KB)

Mosquito and tourist 010

Do you like tourism or hiking or mountaineering tourism or boating tourism? Then you need to like a mosquito. Look at the picture and see how Russian mosquitoes eat American man who want fishing at the Volga fiver. The best time for fishing Russian rivers is spring or autumn.

See also: Russian, mosquitos, tourists

Download Mosquito and tourist 010 (Size: 10 KB)

Special reporting for Non?State Pension Fund 12.0

The program generates special reporting of non-state pension funds for FSFR. The special reporting is formed in the paper and electronic form monthly and quarterly. Software does not require special drivers and provides link with iPension (complex pension fund automation system).

See also: pension fund, FSFR, ipension, npf, pension, russia, russian pension fund, actuary, contributions, fixed-term pension, whole life pension, pension contributions, non-state pension funds, actuary calculations, ipension

Download Special reporting for Non?State Pension Fund 12.0 (Size: 1426 KB)

alphavit les sm 08.05

Russian Alphabet Frog Game. Frog Game (Flash Version) Frog Game (Java Version). Help the frog lap up the letters in alphabetical order. Learning games online with alphabet, math, logic and coloring. This is a warm up for the other alphabet lessons. By playing this game. This online alphabet game makes learning letters as easy as ABC ! Kids love playing this online alphabet game on the internet. A self-paced online alphabet. Online Interactive L

See also: Russian, alphabet, game

Download alphavit les sm 08.05 (Size: 25 KB)

GoNaomi Dictionary 1.66 is a computer dictionary, which currently consists of about 30 different dictionaries containing altogether about 850 thousands words. Therefore, all you need to do is choose the languages you need for your translations.

See also: dictinary, dictionaries, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakia

Download GoNaomi Dictionary 1.66 (Size: 23149 KB)

Flash Card Factory v1.0.0.0

Flash Card Factory is a unique and fun software of helping you to learn new vocabularies.Learn English,Spanish,Turkish,Portuguese,German,French,Italian,Russian,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Arabic,Hindi,Indonesian,Polish,Romanian,Vietnamese and more.Download the suitable database for you from can customize the software to built vocabulary lists for every language in the world!Also it can be used as a desktop dictionary.

See also: new, foreign, language, flashcard, programme, resource, learn, english, spanish, turkish, italian, french, german, russian, polish, portuguese, chinese, hindi, japanese, korean, arabic, indonesian, romanian, vietnamese, databases, vocabulary

Download Flash Card Factory v1.0.0.0 (Size: 6288 KB)

Caucasus_Mountain02-scr 1

Screensaver Russian Caucasus. Screensavers and Desktop Themes for Windows. The Best collection of Screensavers and Desktop Themes anywhere! This cool screensaver features new polished Windows Vista with its eye-catching graphics. Put it on your desktop and bring a brand new look to your screen. A screensaver is a type of computer program initially designed to prevent on CRT and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or

See also: Screensaver, Russian, Caucasus

Download Caucasus_Mountain02-scr 1 (Size: 125 KB)

memoWORDS Learn Russian 1.0

memoWORDS allows you to learn Russian words easily. It doesn't work like a borring educational software. It is like an arcade game. Your will be able to memorize words faster and easier. It is user friendly with 3D look an feel. It makes studying more pleasant.

See also: learn Russian words, study Russian, flash cards, flashcards, vocabulary, cell phone, PDA, palmtop

Download memoWORDS Learn Russian 1.0 (Size: 3561 KB)

English-German-Russian Dictionary 1.0

Select a word, choose a language pairand press Ctrl+C+C - and you will get the translation. The program allows you to quickly and accurately translate words and word combinations between English, German and Russian

See also: dictionary, english, german, russian, online

Download English-German-Russian Dictionary 1.0 (Size: 781 KB)

learning-english 1.0

When you will travel the world, meet people who speak the language you studied in language school , you will see that the knowledge of the language, lets you get close to people, learn more about them and their customs and therefore - to feel more and more like home. School of Languages offers you business and social opportunities.

See also: arabic, berlitz-language-school, business-english, courses, english, english-course, english-for-kids, english-studies, french, french-studies, japanese, japanese-studies, languages, language-training, learn-a-language, learn-chinese, learn-english, learn-hebrew, learning-russian, learning-spanish, learn-russian, learn-spanish, russian, spanish

Download learning-english 1.0 (Size: 2117 KB)

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