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dotSilver Partner 2.0

Feature-rich dating website script is implemented on a bleeding-edge technological base. We delivered the software with the simplest and smoothest yet funny user experience with a serious wonders-at-your-feet technical background working with the shared database. This product is created for those webmasters who want to launch a dating site working with the global database of members shared between hundreds of dotSilver Partner driven sites.

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Download dotSilver Partner 2.0 (Size: 542 KB)


Inno Setup Script Includes is a library of functions that can be implemented very easily into your existing setups build with Jordan Russell's Inno Setup. In the past adding some customization to Jordan Russell's Inno Setup one had to look for pieces of code and implement them into their own script. Now with this new generation of ISSI it's possible to add prefab functionality to Inno with just a few lines of code.

See also: install, include, script, setup, inno

Download ISSI (Size: 1077 KB)

ChScite 1.03

ChSciTE is a Ch programming language IDE (Integrated Development Environment ) to edit and run C, Ch and C++ programs. Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing and embedded scripting. It supports international languages and is an open source IDE. ChSciTE can run across platform.

See also: IDE C C++ Ch Editor scripting script plotting, IDE, Editor, scripting, script, plotting

Download ChScite 1.03 (Size: 1891 KB)

LinkXL 1.0a

Innovative script LinkXL combines benefits of automated link exchange service and manual link exchange on your site like other scripts do. It is easy to install, easy to manage from central server. You can access your links management page anywhere just need internet connection, see page rank of your and other sites linked to you, be added into link exchange directory and check other webmasters willing to do link exchange. You can automatically c

See also: link swap, links checking, automated link exchange, link exchange script, link exchange, reciprocal link, SEO

Download LinkXL 1.0a (Size: 1 KB)

The EDIC System NA

Expert Systems, Flowcharting, Team Relay, Neural Networks, Thread Simulation, Rudimentary Script Segmentation

See also: Expert Systems, Flowcharting, Team Relay, Neural Networks, Thread Simulation, Rudimentary Script Segmentation

Download The EDIC System NA (Size: 0 KB)

Advanced Script Coder NA

OOP, Event-Driving, Thread Simulation, Versatile Script Segmentation. Intuitive and simple. Interpretive.

See also: OOP, Event-Driving, Thread Simulation, Versatile Script Segmentation. Intuitive and simple. Interpretive.

Download Advanced Script Coder NA (Size: 0 KB)

Obninsk DOC2TEXT converter 1.0.alpha

Simple word2txt and word2html converter, written in PHP in Obninsk. Does NOT require MS software like MS Word, MS 0ffice etc. Does not require 0pen 0ffice too. Just PHP. Can working in 2 modes: 0 - remove MS Word hypertext markup and 1 - convert MS Word hypertext New versions you can find here:

See also: script, php, doc, html, text, word2txt, word2html, doc2txt, doc2html, word, converter

Download Obninsk DOC2TEXT converter 1.0.alpha (Size: 10 KB)

Scriptius Free 1.2

Scriptius Free is a free tool for creating programs that will help you automate your work with the computer. This script creator does not require any knowledge in programming. It is enough for you to specify the sequence of commands to be executed and run the project. Scriptius Free will not limit your increasing requirements in future due to the possibility of using a powerful programming language. Scriptius will save your time!

See also: automation, script, builder

Download Scriptius Free 1.2 (Size: 581 KB)

Zelune Proxy Script 2

Zelune, a free web proxy script availible to download at This is the worlds fastest web proxy script! is aimed to be the worlds largest zelune proxy community. Zelune offers free Zelune proxy templates so anyone can download, and run their own zelune proxy server in minutes! A new fad in the world of proxy servers is to make hundreds of them, link them to each other, and let the word of mouth grow. Proxies are in high

See also: zelune, zelune proxy script, proxy script

Download Zelune Proxy Script 2 (Size: 51 KB)

Allodia Site Engine 1.5

"First and foremost, Allodia Site Engine is a Content Management System (CMS). It is the engine behind your website that simplifies the creation, management, and sharing of content. Use Allodia Site Engine as CMS, blog, site of news or personal page. Database on text files - you not needed MySQL."

See also: site, engine, PHP, script, CMS, blog, news

Download Allodia Site Engine 1.5 (Size: 95 KB)

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