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Garmonic colors 1.0

Professional tool for developing harmonious colors. Take the colors from picture and embed them to the site color model. Find colors that will be optimal view with a logo. Generated palette is an optimal for human eye perception.

See also: harmonious color palette. At first, such kind of color palette often required in Web pages graphics design

Download Garmonic colors 1.0 (Size: 48 KB)

The Color Picker 1.0

The Color Picker enables you to pick your favorite colors from anywhere on your screen. Colors can then be added to a palette and saved for later use. The program supports color code in RGB and HEX, and you can easily copy the color code to the clipboard.

See also: color picker, color palette

Download The Color Picker 1.0 (Size: 88 KB)

Color Palette Generator 1.0

Free color Palette Generaror from Choose or upload a photo and a palette of colors based on the colors in the photo will be generated automatically. This free software can found up to 256 safe colors from any image file. Use it to help with art projects, website design. Try online at

See also: color, Palette, Generaror, from,

Download Color Palette Generator 1.0 (Size: 582 KB)

PicPick 3.1.1

PicPick is user friendly and full of features for creating your image, suitable for software developers, graphic designers and home user. It is an all-in-one program that provides full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and even whiteboard. It has not only everything what you need, but it loads fast, sits quietly in the system tray until needed.

See also: Screen Capture, Graphic, Image, Editor, Color, Picker, Palette, Magnifier, Pixel, Ruler, Protractor, Crosshair, Whiteboard, Layer, Autoscroll, Share, Twitter, Facebook, Portable, USB

Download PicPick 3.1.1 (Size: 6532 KB)

My Vertical Color Picker 1.0

'My Vertical Color Picker' is a revolutionary color picker application to manage yours collection of colors while allowing a variety of operations like grabbing colors from the screen, selecting colors using the built-in color pickers (RGB and Hue), dragging color chips around, adding text to each color chip, creating snapshots for the current palette, selecting colors from your screen, searching for created palettes and many more.

See also: grab colors, rgb color picker, hue picker, color chips, palette snapshot, rgb color, websafe color, hex color, color palette

Download My Vertical Color Picker 1.0 (Size: 581 KB)

MandelX 1.37

Mandelx is a very fast fractal generator that uses highly optimized assembly routines for calculations (multithreaded). Integrated palette editor, palette animation, Record to AVI, and direct rendering to virtually unlimited picture sizes supported.

See also: Mandelbrot set, fractals, Julia sets, SSE, 3dnow, assembly optimized, palette animation, fractal animation

Download MandelX 1.37 (Size: 857 KB)

Dress Up Time 1.4.2

"All dressed up you're good to go," now you can sing along as you perform your magical makeup and styling tricks! Your goal in this game is to choose the most beautiful makeup, hairstyle, clothes and accessories for the model. First of all you need to select the skin color, eye color, eye makeup, eye shadow color and lipstick color. Click the samples on the palettes to view the effects, then click the Continue button at the bottom left corner of

See also: accessories, closet, clothes, clothing, color, colour, eye shadow, fashion, hairstyle, jewellery, jewelry, lipstick, makeup, makeup artist, model, palette, puff, style, stylist, vogue, action games, dress up, dress up time, girl, makeover, make up

Download Dress Up Time 1.4.2 (Size: 256 KB)

Colouring Game 1.3.2

Unleash your aesthetic sense within and fill the picture with beautiful colors! In the game you will be given a picture without colors, and you can click to select a color from the palette at the bottom of the screen, then use the paintbrush to color the picture. When you are done with the drawing, click the Finish button on the right of the palette, and you will be given a score based on the level of completeness and the variety of colors. You m

See also: art, artwork, color, colour, drawing, image, monochrome, palette, paintbrush, painting, picture, work, color in, colour in, coloring, colouring, colouring game, educational games, kids games, design games

Download Colouring Game 1.3.2 (Size: 253 KB)

Colour Mixing 1.1.2

As an assistant to a notable painter, your task is to create the required colors by mixing the given colors, and you need to do so by using additive or subtractive methods. The former method involves the mixing of light in which the colors are added up, for example, when red light and green light combine, the yellow light is produced. The other method involves the mixing of paints in which some colors are selectively removed, for example, when ye

See also: additive, art, blend, color, colour, light, mixing, palette, paint, painting, primary color, secondary color, spectrum, subtractive, tertiary color, tray, wavelength, colour mixing, additive colour mixing, subtractive colour mixing, educational games

Download Colour Mixing 1.1.2 (Size: 254 KB)

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