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River Past Wave@MP3 2.9

River Past Wave@MP3 is a FREE WAV to MP3 converter and MP3 to WAV converter. It is extremely easy to use. Select the input file, and click "Convert", that's it! Convert your WAVE files to put on your portable MP3 player, or convert your MP3 files to burn to a CD. No Adware or spyware. DX8 required. (download link available on web site).

See also: audio, converter, conversion, transcoder, encoder, MP3, MPEG, Layer-3, WAV, WAVE

Download River Past Wave@MP3 2.9 (Size: 1583 KB)

MP3 CD Extractor 1.0

Free Mp3 CD Extractor allows you to convert one or more cd audio track (cda) into standard wave or mp3 file that can be play with the audio reproduction programs. Mp3 CD Extractor encodes the audio track files(cda) to mp3 files or wave files and allows you to store your audio CD on your pc.

See also: conversion, mp3, cda, wave, encode, audio

Download MP3 CD Extractor 1.0 (Size: 845 KB)

Free MP3-WAV Converter

Free MP3 -WAV converter convert your favorite MP3 files into WAV files and vice versa. With this program you can convert MP3s to Wav files with just a single right click of the mouse!. Create custom CDs or enable you to edit the sounds in your favorite editor. Eliminate corrupt MP3 files, and decode them quickly and easily to the burnable WAV format. Features Unlimited Batch-process.

See also: mp3 to wav converter, wav to mp3 converter, mp2, mp1, m3u, pls, convert mp3 to wav file, convert wav to mp3 file, into, mp3 wav converter, wav mp3 converter, convertor, converting mp3 to wav file, converting wav to mp3 file, from, mp3 2 wav, wav 2 mp3, mp3 to wav encoder, wav to mp3 decoder, mp3 wav decoder, mp3 to wav conversion, wav to mp3 conversion, mp3 to wav file converter, wav to mp3 file converter, change mp3 file to wav file, change wav file to mp3 file, rip

Download Free MP3-WAV Converter (Size: 12234 KB)

CyberPower Free Mp3 Wma Ogg Converter 3.7

Free MP3/WMA/OGG Converter helps you convert WMA to MP3, MP3 to WMA, WAV to MP3, OGG to MP3, etc with friendly interface and lots of useful features. It can also merge multiple files into one big file, support MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. Free MP3/WMA/OGG Converter allows you to easily convert multiple audio files at one click. It's simple design allows you to effortlessly convert your audio files with ease

See also: wma to mp3 converter, convert wma to mp3, wma mp3 conversion, mp3 to wma converter, convert mp3 to wma, wav, ogg, aac, m4a, flac, ape

Download CyberPower Free Mp3 Wma Ogg Converter 3.7 (Size: 5779 KB)

DVDneXtCOPY iTurns 1.3

DVD neXt COPY iTurns FREE is a revolutionary new, easy to use, iTunes conversion software. It is the neXt generation of audio conversion software that will turn all of the music in your iTunes library into MP3, WMAso that you can burn them to CD or load them onto any mp3 audio device

See also: itunes, conversion, converter, DRM, MP3, portable, legal

Download DVDneXtCOPY iTurns 1.3 (Size: 5600 KB)

DU iPod Audio Ripper

iPod CD Audio ripper is a fast and easy to use program for recording digital audio tracks directly from compact disks without going through your sound card (this process is known as "ripping"). This digital recording process enables you to make high-quality copies of the original music. The Free Audio ripper's easy interface allows you to convert tracks of your audio-CDs to your most favorite digital audio format with almost one click.

See also: iPod, Audio, ripper, extracts, tracks, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, output, quality, direct, conversion, fast, encoding, engine, multiple/variable, bitrate, digital, file, verification, multi-drive, reading, ID3-V1, ID3-V2, Tag Editor, recording .

Download DU iPod Audio Ripper (Size: 5612 KB)

Eufony Free M4A MP3 Converter 1.01

Eufony Free M4A MP3 Converter is a powerful audio converter for M4A to MP3 and MP3 to M4A conversion. Convert M4A to MP3, Convert MP3 to M4A.

See also: convert, m4a, mp3, converter, conversion

Download Eufony Free M4A MP3 Converter 1.01 (Size: 763 KB)

Eufony Free WMA MP3 Converter 1.01

Eufony Free WMA MP3 Converter is a powerful audio converter for WMA to MP3 and MP3 to WMA conversion. You probably have cool music or songs in wma files (e.g. a ton of CDs that you've ripped with Windows Media Player, they are always saved as WMA), but your portable mp3 player or car hifi system doesn't play wma, or multi-media project importing needs mp3 format, the WMA MP3 Converter will help you to convert wma to mp3.

See also: convert, wma, mp3, converter, conversion

Download Eufony Free WMA MP3 Converter 1.01 (Size: 552 KB)

Eufony Free CD Ripper 1.01

Eufony Free CD Ripper is a powerful tool for ripping CD audio to mp3 files. Extract CD audio to MP3.

See also: rip, mp3, flac, converter, conversion

Download Eufony Free CD Ripper 1.01 (Size: 555 KB)

Eufony Free FLAC MP3 Converter 1.00

Eufony Free FLAC MP3 Converter is a powerful audio converter for FLAC to MP3 conversion.

See also: convert, ape, flac, mp3, converter, conversion

Download Eufony Free FLAC MP3 Converter 1.00 (Size: 610 KB)

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