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Lose Leg FatHow to Lose Belly Fat


BMI Calc Chart 1.0

BMI Calc Chart is a simple program that calculates your BMI. Then, it gives you a chart of BMI distributions, as well as a table. This allows you to see if you are overweight, normal or underweight, as well as how healthy you are. This program is free to download and distribute.

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Download BMI Calc Chart 1.0 (Size: 2009 KB)

Fast Fat Loss Secret 1.0

Ideal weight calculator desktop application. Put in your weight and it will calculate your ideal weight. This site has articles pertaining to weight loss alternatives. Also suggested products to attain your ideal weight.

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Download Fast Fat Loss Secret 1.0 (Size: 1223 KB)

How To Lose Body Fat Fast 1.0

How to lose body fat fast? Explore and look for the correct information on how to lose your body fat faster than expected. Even ask yourself and know the precise reason why you are fat. You will deliberately stop that bad habit and start you day by doing right.

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Download How To Lose Body Fat Fast 1.0 (Size: 414 KB)

Lose Leg Fat 1.0

Lose Leg Fat is quiet one of the things we want to do with out body. But how can we lose some if we don't know how to make a start? Of course, the common approach is to exercise. But exercise is sometimes so boring. So, when you choose your exercise routine, you must sure to have fun on it.

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Download Lose Leg Fat 1.0 (Size: 414 KB)

Automated Weight Loss Advisor 1.0

Lose weight easily, meet your personal goals. Based on your details and goals, the Advisor calculates how many calories you should eat per day to reach your target weight on your schedule. Based on your preferences, it tells you which diet plans will work best for you. It also calculates your BMI, BMR, and metabolism. Way beyond any calculator, the Advisor gives you information you can really use in your diet planning. It's fast, fun, and free.

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Download Automated Weight Loss Advisor 1.0 (Size: 785 KB)

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Weight 1.0

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is proven to be one of the best fat loss system on the internet which has helped thousands of people from all over the world to get rid of fat. Fat Loss 4 idiots is based on a very simple fat loss technique which is called calorie shifting. That's why you won't need to starve yourself while following the diet.

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Download Fat Loss 4 Idiots Weight 1.0 (Size: 24 KB)

Foods that Decrease Body Fat 1.0

Want ot lose your body fat the easy way? Most of us have no idea that there are foods we can eat to help us decrease body fat! Here is the simple ebook shows you some foods that can decrease your body fat.

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Download Foods that Decrease Body Fat 1.0 (Size: 96 KB)

diets to lose weight 1.0

Diets to lose weight - Foods that burn fat, exercises that help digest food so you lose fat quickly. Recipies and natural foods that burn calories and give you a natural weight loss solution. This is a real weight loss program for those who want help to lose weight fast. This is a fast way to lose weight that works every time.

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Download diets to lose weight 1.0 (Size: 453 KB)

KiloCalc 2.12

With KiloCalc you can easily find and add nutritional values of food items. KiloCalc connects to multiple internet food item databases. With a slider you can easily adjust the food weight and recalculate nutritional values. A clear 3D bar chart displays the nutritions of the food items. The aim of KiloCalc is to build and maintain a large, precise and complete nutritional database.

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Download KiloCalc 2.12 (Size: 3164 KB)

Weight Loss Pro 1.0

Weight Loss Pro will analyze your height, weight, age and gender (the 4 most important physical characteristics) and use this information to recommend the best course of action you should take to lose weight. It is very simple to use and is designed to help people make informed decisions on choosing a plan to lose weight based on their needs.

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Download Weight Loss Pro 1.0 (Size: 28 KB)

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