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Overcome rejection in 3 east steps 1.0

How do you overcome the fear of rejection? Use these 3 top strategies to beat the fear of rejection. If you have trouble starting new relationships, making sales or finding a job, then you may benefit from learning these 3 top strategies. Beat rejection today and forge new roads to success.

See also: fear of, fears, rejection, sales rejection, how to overcome rejection, how to beat rejection

Download Overcome rejection in 3 east steps 1.0 (Size: 0 KB)

Ganzfield 1.64

Ganzfield allows you to communicate with entities from the other side, in example the dead. Think of Ganzfield like the logical next step for the Ouija board. Since entities can often not be heard by (regular) people there are different items you can utilize in order to interface with them, Ganzfield is one of these tools that will help them communicate with you.

See also: ganzfield, spirit, ghost, haunt, haunting, demon, angel, communicate, ghost, box, evp, apparitions, automatic, writing, cold, spot, clairaudience, demonologist, dowsing, devining, echolalia, ectoplasm, emf, empath, entity, fear, cage, imprint, kinetic, energy, manifestation

Download Ganzfield 1.64 (Size: 8372 KB)

Santa Rampage Screengamer 1.0

Smash the elfs christmas gifts in this breakout style screengamer. A screengamer is a screensaver and game combined in one. An elf of Santa has had enough and is on a rampage smashing all the presents with his magical snowflakes. Help him out by bouncing the snowflake in this arcade game and screensaver that takes place right on your desktop!

See also: christmas game, santa, breakout, arkanoid, santaclaus, break out, game, screen gamer, screengamer, screensaver

Download Santa Rampage Screengamer 1.0 (Size: 532 KB)

Interface Traffic Indicator 1.3.5

You can use this programm in a professional network environment to monitor selected network interfaces (even backplane ports if the device provides the information) or you can monitor you home network or cable/modem/ISDN connection to the internet.

See also: outgoing, incoming, NIC, bytes/sec, bits/sec, utilization, IN and OUT, MIB, SNMP, monitoring, traffic, interface

Download Interface Traffic Indicator 1.3.5 (Size: 786 KB)

AddInternet Domain Search 4.5.2

AddInternet Domain Search is a free software that allows you to search for domain names available for registration as well as find out who is a domain owner by searching the global Whois database. The software features two main functions for global searches: Domain Search for searching domains and Whois Search for searching domain name owners.

See also: domain search software, search domain names, search whois database, find out domain owner, domain extensions, search domains, domains searches, whois search, domain search freeware, domain data, domains

Download AddInternet Domain Search 4.5.2 (Size: 28876 KB)

Create Surveys 1.1

ABPollMaster! allows you to easily create surveys, quizzes, slideshows, games, plus much more! This evaluation version, which can be used freely on websites, supports customized look and feel, drop down boxes, lists, customizable heading graphic and the quiz options! The full version supports also checkboxes, textboxes entries, images, generated submission URL plus much more!

See also: create a survey, create online survey, create online surveys, create survey, creating online surveys, make money doing surveys, make money filling out surveys, make money online survey, make money online surveys, make money survey

Download Create Surveys 1.1 (Size: 287 KB)

Volume Fade Out Auto 2007.08

Program reduce volume level with customized time period to customized min value. It is useful if you like sleep with music. This program change only wave out volume (wav, aac, vqf, avi, wmv, wma, mp3, ogg...), but not midi. Enter only integer values ]= 0.

See also: volume, control, fade out

Download Volume Fade Out Auto 2007.08 (Size: 102 KB)

get out of debt webaudio 1.15

Instantly add audio to your website for free, Have you ever wondered how to add web audio to your website without the hassle of monthly fees? Are you reaching your customers personally and generating sales and repeat customers as a result? No matter how good your web graphics are, or how interesting your sales copy is, nothing can compare to hearing a real voice.

See also: get out of debt, web audio tool, add website audio

Download get out of debt webaudio 1.15 (Size: 1908 KB)

get out of debt ad tracker 1.00

Tracking your ads, downloads, affiliate links an more, With the Ultimate Ad Tracker v2.1 package you will be able to run your own professional tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links! Track hits by using different URL's for each ad campaign You can assign a unique name to each link you create, with a note to identify it in your stats.

See also: get out of debt, ad tracker software, ad tracking tool

Download get out of debt ad tracker 1.00 (Size: 110 KB)

Sudoku Print Out 1.0

A lot of printable sudoku puzzles.You can print out from your computer.There are 384 Sudokus for each of the 6 levels.

See also: sudoku, sudoku print out, sudoku printouts, sudoku printout, game

Download Sudoku Print Out 1.0 (Size: 640 KB)

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