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differences in web pages


Internet Owl 1.0.310

Internet Owl watches websites, and tells you when they have changed. When a change is detected, Internet Owl can inform you in a number of ways, like: Sending you an email, Popping up a window, or Playing a sound of your choice

See also: web, changes, Owl, monitors, website, detect, watch, differences, Internet, notifies

Download Internet Owl 1.0.310 (Size: 1133 KB)

DiffDaff 1.0

DiffDaff enables easy comparison of files, folder comparison and the detection of differences between two web pages. DiffDaff shows the differences line by line. The variations are classified as changes, deleted, non-existing, and identical content. The variations are also color marked. The source code is accessible and parallel scrolling through the results is possible. Numerous options facilitate the work and simplify the location of difference

See also: file compare, directory comparison, differences in web pages, folder compare, compare files, file compare program, file comparison download

Download DiffDaff 1.0 (Size: 454 KB)

MakeDirDiff 1.2

finds differences between two directories and storing all new/updates files in a new directory. It is a simple command line tool and Ant task. It keeps the original directory structure, but stores there new/updated files only. It can update the second directory content with the original directory content. Run it each time when you need to find new changes. It is extremely useful for creating incremental backups and updating big web-sites.

See also: command line, java, ant, task create, make, dir, diff, files, compare, differency, changed, changes, differences, new, updated, files, jscssmin

Download MakeDirDiff 1.2 (Size: 1287 KB)

Fantasy vs. Fiction - You Decide! 9.0

Of course, fantasy writing is fiction, but with a number of subtle differences, and if it is your desire to writer fictional material it helps greatly to have a genre in mind. The modern generation has grown up with an ever increasing awareness of fantasy, supernatural and otherworldly themes - witness the success of World of Warcraft and other such games, the TV prominence of such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the latter day runaway

See also: course, fantasy, writing, fiction, but, with, number, subtle, differences

Download Fantasy vs. Fiction - You Decide! 9.0 (Size: 977 KB)

Diff Text 1.0

Free web-based utility that compares and reports differences in plain text pasted into it. Novel text diff algorithm that detects when a paragraph or line has been moved up or down in a document. Users have a choice between comparing whole lines against each other or switching to fine-grained word and character comparisons. There is an option to omit identical paragraphs or lines in its output unless they are near differences.

See also: text, differences, compare, diff, comparison, file, document, version, source, control, plain, code, xml

Download Diff Text 1.0 (Size: 17 KB)

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