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NM Collector JE Lite 1.5.2

Customizable software to help manage your collection. Includes room for standard information, notes, and pictures. Designed specifically for collectors. Modify labels or create your own. Unlimited collections. Includes bar codes.

See also: Customizable, Collection, Collecting, Collector, Inventory

Download NM Collector JE Lite 1.5.2 (Size: 29296 KB)

Syslog Watcher Personal Edition 2.8

Free syslog analyzer for collecting and reviewing syslog messages from one network appliance. This syslog collector is an ideal choice for monitoring a home-LAN device (e.g.xDSL modem or switch) or testing purposes. Syslog protocol provides a wide range of system info. A need to monitor network events exists even in tiny networks with one active device, so Syslog Watcher Personal Edition will be an extremely suitable tool.

See also: syslog, free syslog, syslog server, syslog analyzer, windows syslog server, syslog collector, network monitoring, syslog watcher, cisco syslog, syslog viewer, syslog parser, syslog reports, windows syslog

Download Syslog Watcher Personal Edition 2.8 (Size: 3431 KB)

Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.6

Alfa Ebooks Manager - is the coolest eBook Library management software in the world. It is an ideal tool for book-lovers, schools, clubs and business libraries. Using AlfaEbooks you can quickly scan your computer for book files, create structured ebooks library and update books information from the Internet. You can find a book in your library in just a second by its title, author or ISBN.

See also: ebook, book management, reference management, book collector, book database, e-library, book collection, book catalogue

Download Alfa Ebooks Manager 0.6 (Size: 5017 KB)

Vodamail Email Extractor Free Edition 8.1.1000.0

Vodamail Email Extractor is a powerful Email extractor software with which you can extract thousands of Email ids based on few keywords depending on your requirements.Extractor software can search specified link and also URL list.The software is having multiple search engines to extract valid email id's from the Web.

See also: email extractor, email crawler, email spider, email absorber, email list, target email extractor, email extractor software, email extractor softwares, email extracting software, email list software, target email collector, emailextractor, email finder, extractor

Download Vodamail Email Extractor Free Edition 8.1.1000.0 (Size: 1850 KB)

FlowCollector Lite 1.6

SoftPI Flow Collector collects information about network flows from network equipment and stores it in database for future analysis. NetFlow v5 and rFlow protocols are supported. Built-in reporting engine and flexible database configuration are supported.

See also: NetFlow, Collector, Traffic monitoring

Download FlowCollector Lite 1.6 (Size: 3271 KB)

Collector Notepad

Collector Notepad is a small, free and easy to use program for cataloging of your collection. The simplicity of this program lies in its attribute to contain only the most necessary information of your show-piece; therefore the entry process will not be time consuming.

See also: cataloging, program for collectors, cataloging program, collection program, collector notepad, collection, collector, Notepad, collectables

Download Collector Notepad (Size: 834 KB)

Online Email Extractor 1.0

Email address extractor free PHP script - a tool to find all email addresses in a text. Very easy to install. Very fast and reliable. Just install it at your server (or local computer), and it will work. Here is the instruction - how to use Email Extractor: 1) install it; 2) copy text from any source and paste it into text field; 3) Click Extract button; 4) Choose a separator and copy emails to clipboard.

See also: online email extractor, email extractor script, email extractor, email collector, extract emails, email, collect emails, email marketing, email lists, email management, internet, web, script, scripts

Download Online Email Extractor 1.0 (Size: 5 KB)

Book Tracker Collector Edition 5.1

Book collector?s and librarians of small libraries will make use of this freeware organizer program for books. Its simple and intuitive interface allows the user to view much of the book collection?s information on the main screen. You can quickly search, sort, and scan through books. Each book has 24 information fields including librarian fields, a book cover image, and a large note section. Fields are customizable as well as printed reports.

See also: book, organizer, cataloger, literature, track, collector, read, librarian, record, check

Download Book Tracker Collector Edition 5.1 (Size: 891 KB)

Syslog Watcher 4.5.2

With Syslog Watcher 4.0, those who administer or maintain networks can enjoy a useful utility that collects and processes syslog messages, sending you email alerts as required. It provides and efficient way of storing and displaying this important data. Data gathered can also be exported into a wide variety of other formats including XML, CSV and database formats. It is easy to use and makes the storage of large amounts of data possible.

See also: syslog, syslog server, network monitoring, syslog watcher, syslog collector for windows

Download Syslog Watcher 4.5.2 (Size: 14693 KB)

Sports Card Collector 5.1.1

Catalog and track your collection of baseball, football, basketball and other sports cards with Sports Card Collector. A simple GUI allows you to easily input and edit information on each sports card with a number of different data fields such as brand, theme, category, and card date. A picture can be entered for each sports card as well as statistics. Features include print outs, search, file export, copy card, custom labels, and help.

See also: sport, card, collector, track, organizing, baseball, basketball, football, catalog

Download Sports Card Collector 5.1.1 (Size: 940 KB)

Coin Collector 5.1.1

This free coin collection package was designed to assist collectors of coins in cataloging and managing a large coin collection. For each coin a number of data fields can be entered on the main screen such as category, buy date, estimated value, mint, and more. You can then quickly search or scan through all your coins to find the one you are interested in. Printable reports, labels, custom fields, exporting of data, and help are included.

See also: coin, collector, tracker, organizer, mint, catalog, numismatic, money, hobby

Download Coin Collector 5.1.1 (Size: 955 KB)

LignUp Multi Collector Free 3.5.3

LignUp Multi Collector is a universal tool for managing many collections with any collectibles. It includes many functions like creating custom collections; edit categories; camera capture; password protection; PDF & HTML report; data sorting. DB manager allows to easily switching between different collections. Customers can change application style and customize view layouts by using thumbnail, statistic, item preview, category tree, table list.

See also: collecting, collector, manager, organizer, inventory, catalogue

Download LignUp Multi Collector Free 3.5.3 (Size: 15937 KB)

Free Syslog Forwarder Tool

ManageEngine Free Syslog Forwarder Tool is a windows desktop dashboard tool which receives the syslog messages from syslog generating devices and forwards to the syslog server or collecting server. Using the tool, administrator have the choice of forwarding syslog messages from any particular devices alone or block / deny forwarding syslog messages from any network devices to the collector server.

See also: Free Syslog Forwarding Tool, Windows tool for syslog forwarding, Syslog relay-server, Relay, Forwards Linux syslog, Forwards switching devices logs, Syslog Receiver, Syslog collector, Relay Server, Syslog message collector, syslog transporter

Download Free Syslog Forwarder Tool (Size: 3070 KB)

LignUp Stamps Multi Collector Free (Mac) 3.1.8

It is great to have always the items you need at hand. Stamps Collector was developed to make the collections on your computer organized and automated. The full-fledged database allows you to find and sort necessary records instantly, to keep all images in order and view them right through the program interface and has some special functions for working with stamps. In addition you get the Universal Multi Collector for Mac OS and Windows.

See also: collecting, collector, manager, organizer, stamp, catalog

Download LignUp Stamps Multi Collector Free (Mac) 3.1.8 (Size: 35400 KB)

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