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alien abductionAlien RiposteAlien Invation
Alien shooterAlien Discipline gameAlien Discipline
Hang The Alien gameHang The Alienalien ambush
alien strikealien secretsAlien Zap


Alien Invaders Attack! 1.0

Free arcade style space shooter game for the PC. In Alien Invaders Attack you will fight wave after wave of attacking alien space ships

See also: Arcade, Space, Shooter, game, alien, invaders, attack

Download Alien Invaders Attack! 1.0 (Size: 4465 KB)

Cosmic Defender 1.2

Based on a classic arcade retro game, this side scrolling shooter is pure addictive endless fun. Destroy the invading aliens and save your brethren from abduction. Compete against other players via the Internet high score board. Free game with no spyware brought to you by

See also: arcade, retro, defender, cosmic defender, side-scroller, shooter, shooting game, action game, shoot-em up, alien abduction, aliens

Download Cosmic Defender 1.2 (Size: 891 KB)

Alien Riposte 2.1

Alien Riposte presents frantic and addictive action shooter game! Distant future. The Earth is in the war with alien civilizations for the repartition of the Universe. Enemy have done a manoeuvre and split up. And now they're attacking. Thousands of ships and controllable meteoroids are pouncing at the Earth like a bolt from the blue. Your ship is the last one left on the Earth, and you're the only one to stop them.Good luck, brave hero!

See also: Alien Riposte, Action, Shooter, Alien, Alien Invation, defender, Earth Defender, space, Free Shooter Game, Play Free Action Game, Download Free Action Game

Download Alien Riposte 2.1 (Size: 10978 KB)

Alien Arena 2007 6.02

Alien Arena 2007 is a freeware online deathmatch game with fast and furious action for Windows and Linux! The game runs on the CRX engine, and features modern effects such as real-time lighting and shadows, shaders, light bloom, reflective surfaces and much more, while still being able to run on even modest systems. The game includes a built in, as well as external server browser and chat client. Players can look up their stats online, chat with

See also: alien, arena, first, person, shooter, game, fps, 2007, 2006, cor, code, red

Download Alien Arena 2007 6.02 (Size: 204832 KB)

Alien-Abduction 1

Alien Abduction Use your UFO to abduct all the required people or objects before the time runs out and drop them into the mothership

See also: Alien, Abduction, arcade, game

Download Alien-Abduction 1 (Size: 2938 KB)

Alien Mayhem 1.00

An overhead view Human vs. Alien shooter, with the classic feel of an arcade classic. Play this game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

See also: Alien shooter, action, arcade

Download Alien Mayhem 1.00 (Size: 113 KB)

Alien Discipline Screensaver Game 1.0

Alien Discipline screensaver game. In Alien Discipline you have been hired as a Professional Space Nanny by the Galactic Alien Government, your job is to discipline the toughest aliens in the universe. Flash Screensaver Game.

See also: Alien Discipline game, Alien Discipline, screensaver game, flash game

Download Alien Discipline Screensaver Game 1.0 (Size: 2131 KB)

Hang The Alien Screensaver Game 1.0

Based on the classic hangman game your job is to save the alien by solving the word with making to many mistakes.

See also: Hang The Alien game, Hang The Alien, screensaver game, flash game

Download Hang The Alien Screensaver Game 1.0 (Size: 1327 KB)

Doggy UFO 1.0

Nice absorbing arcade game with skill levels by This doggy arrived from Pluto planet. It is crazy about terrestrial food. It flies in the UFO and collects food - bonuses. One bonus - 100 point, to go on to another level you should collect all bonuses and land to the platform, there are 10 levels. Controls - key arrows.

See also: Arcade, skill, levels, doggy, UFO, alien, winter, game, Flash

Download Doggy UFO 1.0 (Size: 269 KB)

Alien Ambush 1.0

Here is your chance to take on hundreds of alien spaceship and blow them up one by one. They stand no chance against your immense firepower and self-confidence. Besides that, your spaceship is far more maneuverable and faster than all the alien spaceships together. Alien Ambush free kids game is your chance to have some fun shooting down aliens like they were sitting ducks.

See also: alien ambush, free kids games

Download Alien Ambush 1.0 (Size: 1456 KB)

Alien Strike 1.0

3d action game, vehicular combat. Our planet Earth was attacked by aggressive aliens. Humankind, united by single goal, managed to build heavy weaponed and armored truck. It was the truck that was the sole hope of the entire planet Earth habitants. Destroy bases of the aggressive aliens for the sake of humankind.

See also: vehicular combat, alien strike, 3d action

Download Alien Strike 1.0 (Size: 38413 KB)

Alien Arena 7.60

Alien Arena is a fast-paced, old school arena deathmatch game that can be played online or off. The game runs on the CRX Gaming Engine, with modern effects and full scaleability. The community is active and helpful, and provides a ton of third party content for and endless replayability factor.

See also: FPS, online, game, deathmatch, alien, arena, quake, unreal, frags, fun, opensource, gaming, tournament

Download Alien Arena 7.60 (Size: 392617 KB)

Operation Spacehog 1.1

Operation Spacehog is a horizontal scrolling shoot'em up game for one or two players. If you ever played any old console shooters you'll know what it's all about; control a small spacecraft in a battle against horrible odds. Luckily you can collect power-ups along the way and upgrade your ship to suit your needs. The nature of the power-ups vary from ship-manuverability to hightech weapons and shields.

See also: space, shooter, horizontal, aliens, invasion, alien, scrolling, shoot'em up, shoot em up, shoot

Download Operation Spacehog 1.1 (Size: 1335 KB)

Space Kidnappers 1.4.2

Aim, shoot and destroy as you fight against the evil attackers from outer space who attempt to kidnap the innocent citizens for cruel experiments! Your goal in this game is to destroy the intruders and do not let anyone be caught. When the game starts, multiple alien spaceships will start kidnapping the citizens. Move your mouse around to control the shooting direction of the cannon at the bottom of the screen, then click to shoot the crafts. If

See also: alien, battle, combat, destroy, enemy, extra-terrestrial, fight, fire, force, galaxy, invade, outer space, planet, shoot, space, spacecraft, spaceman, spaceship, star, star wars, war, universe, arcade games, shooting games, space shoot

Download Space Kidnappers 1.4.2 (Size: 256 KB)

Alien Zap 2.0

"Alien Zap" is a new free downloadable shooter game where you fight a band of green monsters. You get into a scary mystic parallel world inhabited with monstrous green creatures. The enemies are entraping you! The aim of the game is to clear out the gaming field from the green monsters and stay alive.

See also: Alien Zap, downloadable shooter, free game, action game

Download Alien Zap 2.0 (Size: 4077 KB)

Slimes 1.0.1

Can you destroy all the intruding aliens that are storming through the defenses? Your goal in this game is to shoot and eliminate as many enemies as you can. When the game starts, you will be given a shooter in the dark green player area at the lower part of the screen. You can move your mouse to adjust the position of the shooter in the player area, and press the mouse to shoot. Multiple diamonds will serve as obstacles on the screen, and you ca

See also: action, alien, arcade, bat, bullet, centipede, classic, diamond, enemy, fly, insect, invade, invasion, millepede, millipede, move, retro, retrospective, shoot, shooting, slime, snake, spider, viper, shooting games, slimes, action games, classic games

Download Slimes 1.0.1 (Size: 255 KB)

Five UFOs 1.1.3

Can you correctly recall all the sequences of the UFOs' acts and win a spacecraft? At the start of the game 5 UFOs of different colors will be presented, and they will light up in sequence. You need to observe carefully and memorize the pattern, then click the corresponding crafts in the same order. As you proceed to higher levels, the acts of the UFOs will become more complicated, including movements, changes of colors and variations of sounds,

See also: active memory, alien, color, colour, craft, extraterrestrial, light, memory, outer space, planet, short-term memory, sound, space, spacecraft, ufo, universe, five ufos, memory games, notes, ufos

Download Five UFOs 1.1.3 (Size: 256 KB)

Typing Monster 1.3.1

A ferocious monster has invaded your city, and the defenders cannot weather the furious attack for long. The only way to save the day is to type and cast magic spells to expel the alien. When the game starts, the monster will have 10 lives as shown at the top left corner of the screen, while you will have 5 lives as displayed at the bottom. A number of sentences will appear in the dialogue box on the right of to the monster, and you need to use y

See also: alien, dinosaur, dragon, fireball, magic, monster, number, sentence, spell, story, type, word, action games, arcade games, fireballs, spells, typing, typing games, typing monster

Download Typing Monster 1.3.1 (Size: 262 KB)

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