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Publisher: Covert Profiling Service
Filesize: 1635 KB
License: Freeware

Pre-employment personality profiling software for Employers, Recruiters, HR Professionals & Team Builders.

Recognizing the need for a quick, simple and cost effective method of producing personality profiles and after extensive consultation with experts in the field of Graphology and Jungian personality typing the Covert Profiling Service PROFILER was developed.

The CPS PROFILER is a computer based method of obtaining a personality profile of a job applicant. It combines the techniques and advantages of Graphology and Jungian personality typing while also eliminating the disadvantages of both. The candidate does not need to be present at the analysis and does not need to know that the analysis is being performed. This means that there can be no lying, cheating or faking.

? It is quick. Around ten minutes per analysis.
? It is simple. No special skill or knowledge is needed.
? It is cost effective. Low cost compared to other methods.
? No tests to arrange.
? No time spent waiting for test or analysis results to be returned.

Each CPS PROFILER report covers the candidates:-

? Social Skills.
? Personal Dynamics.
? Emotional Foundation.
? Intellect / Mentality.
? Communication Skills.
? Motivations.
? Work Habits.
? Relationship with other personalities.
? Their contribution to an organization.
? Leadership style.
? Preferred work environment.
? Potential problems.
? Suggestions for development.
? Reactions to stress.
? Reactions to fatigue or illness.
? Tips for effective communication.
? Favored careers.

All that you need to use the CPS PROFILER is a sample of the candidates handwriting. This could be from a letter or an application form. Ideally the sample would be a couple of paragraphs in length. More is better but the analysis is still effective with less.

The CPS PROFILER is very easy to use and it is free to download and try.

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Download CPS PROFILER 2.02 (Size: 1635 KB)

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