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Tribal Warfare 1.0

This game takes place during the Stone Age. The player will command a small group of men who have their own camp. The goal is to survive as long as possible, fending off attacks from enemies. Units can carry one object and create weapons. Over time, the team can join the new units. Units are starving and if hunger is very strong, the health will decrease. If hunger diminishes, then health will slowly recover. The camp is the gathering of new item

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Download Tribal Warfare 1.0 (Size: 32942 KB)

Russian Cosmo Fly 1.1

Fly a Russian spacecraft through the depths of a boundless universe filled with cubic structures. Your task is to crush ALL that stands in your way! Your arsenal includes the best gear: gun, rockets, lasers and super weapons with "Russian power." Fire! Slow down time! Score points! Enjoy the brilliant explosions, laser cutting, and the storm of emotions from the avalanche of machine-gun fire accompanied by great music!

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Download Russian Cosmo Fly 1.1 (Size: 10519 KB)

G-Pong 1.1.0

The best classic pong game! Now with support for playing against the AI, and against other player on the same computer!

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Download G-Pong 1.1.0 (Size: 570 KB)

Bomber Mine 1.4

cool game Bomber Mine

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Download Bomber Mine 1.4 (Size: 1543 KB)

Hot Zomb 1.0

A group of young rockers from a hick town is set for its first "big" performance in the glorious city of "Reno." They have to make their way through the ominous state of Nevada, which is actually known to some as "Renault." After 16 hours of travel, the group of friends is pretty tired, and looking to bed down somewhere near a food market and gas station. A convenience store named Fatty Mike's is on the map, just a half hour longer to score som

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Download Hot Zomb 1.0 (Size: 38765 KB)

3 Chibi Arena 1.0

3 chibi Arena is the venue where you can thresh different enemies by choosing one of three characters carefully. Classic arcade-style control will quickly and easily allow you to deal with the first enemies, With Barbarian, you can chop enemies front and behind like cabbage with his long sword. This makes for breathtaking combat effectiveness. Mage is a classic magician who casts fireballs from his staff. Archers have such a clever Robin Hood, wh

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Download 3 Chibi Arena 1.0 (Size: 38366 KB)

Infected Minions 1.0

This game based on a popular cartoon and is highly entertaining! The Evil Doctor turned all the minions into purple monsters! You have a gun with an antidote, and you'll use it to keep them on your team. Things won't be so easy though, because more and more infected minions appear as the game progresses.

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Download Infected Minions 1.0 (Size: 14404 KB)

The Zombie Want To Eat 1.0

You play a musician who for some unknown reason transforms into a scary zombie. Trudge through a series of dangerous levels which will test your mind. Push the various items away from falling dynamite sticks and eat those who have not become zombies. Help him to satisfy his appetite and find musical instruments to play as well.

See also: flaming, arcade, arcanoid, freeware games

Download The Zombie Want To Eat 1.0 (Size: 19587 KB)


BIBIBOT is the name of this game where you have to collect all of the notes that are on a map and score as many points as possible. Be careful NOT to stumble upon a bomb. Fun game!

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Download BIBIBOT 1.1 (Size: 15526 KB)

Kubonoid 1.0

Do you like Minecraft? Then this game is for you. Fascinating like Arkanoid, and will consume even the most demanding gamer. Upbeat music, colorful effects and of course the bonuses, sooooooo many bonuses! Online table that will allow you to share your high scores with friends and unique levels are features. Go through the forests and swamps, show your skills in the forest and Cave of Pokhara. Prove that you have the quickest reflexes!

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Download Kubonoid 1.0 (Size: 11666 KB)

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